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Book Review: 

Svensson, Christian F. (2016). VOLUNTAS: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. Read the review online

Related publications: 

Kaldor, Mary and Selchow, Sabine (2012) 'Subterranean Politics in Europe: An Introduction', 12 October 2012,

Edited Book


Subterranean Politics in Europe

Kaldor, Mary and Sabine Selchow (Eds). (2015). Subterranean Politics in Europe. London: Palgrave Macmillan. Visit publisher-site

Abstract: The demonstrations and occupations that emerged across Europe in 2011-12 struck a chord in public opinion in a way that has not been true for many years. Based on research carried out across the continent, this volume investigates why this is occurring now and what they tell us about the future of the European project.



Introduction — In Search of Europe’s Future: Subterranean Politics and the Other Crisis in Europe by Kaldor, Mary and Sabine Selchow

Chapter 1: In Search of European Alternatives: Anti-Austerity Protests in Europe by Pianta, Mario et al.

Chapter 2: 2011: Subterranean Politics and Visible Protest on Social Justice in Italy by Porta, Donatella della et al.

Chapter 3: The ‘Swarm Intelligence’ and Occupy: Recent Subterranean Politics in Germany by Anheier, Helmut and Anne Nassauer


Chapter 4: The 15-M: A Bet for Radical Democracy by Martí, Jordi Bonet

Chapter 5: Hungary at the Vanguard of Europe’s Rearguard? Emerging Subterranean Politics and Civil Dissent by Jensen, Jody

Chapter 6: Political Blockage and the Absence of Europe: Subterranean Politics in London by Deel, Sean and Tamsin Murray-Leach

Chapter 7: Alter-Europe: Progressive Activists and Europe by Pleyers, Geoffrey

Conclusion: Towards a European Spring? by Beck, Ulrich and Mary Kaldor

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